Change your PERSPECTIVE. Change your EXPECTATIONS. Change your RESULTS.

You and your team are putting in the hard work to be better communicators. Are you seeing the results?

Poor communication doesn’t just waste valuable time, it limits potential. In today’s high-stakes environment, if your team isn’t developing and delivering engaging, concise, and value-filled messages, then you are at a competitive disadvantage.

Improving communication performance improves personal and business results.

A communication course from one of the world’s leading coaches.

Communication Success: Beginnings was created by Cliff Kennedy, a communication coach with over 30 years of success in creating audience connecting experiences for many of the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations. In this course, he shares his proven approaches to developing engaging content and speaking with authenticity, clarity, and confidence. Cliff believes that every time a speaker stands before an audience, great things are possible.

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What do you get with Communication Success: Beginnings?

A proven approach to develop and deliver a five-minute talk and repeatable process to achieve greater results from every speech, presentation, and conversation.

Four modules with twelve, video-based lessons
50+ pages of worksheets and exercises
3+ hours of learnings and key takeaways

A practical guide. A repeatable process. A proven methodology.

Communication Success: Beginnings guides you through the process of developing and delivering a Five-Minute Talk, from determining your topic to creating a plan for ongoing performance improvement. The course is organized into four Modules, each with three Tools.

  • Module One: Foundations
    • The Reflection Tool
    • The Topic Tool
    • The Purpose Tool
  • Module Two: Creation
    • The Strategy Tool
    • The Messages Tool
    • The Experience Arc Tool
  • Module Three: Preparation
    • The Script Tool
    • The Visuals Tool
    • The Rehearsal Tool
  • Module Four: Execution
    • The Delivery Tool
    • The Advancement Tool
    • The Wrap-Up Tool

From the very first lesson, you will begin to look at every communication opportunity in a new way. This new perspective will lead to more audience-relevant messages, more authentic and effective delivery, and more meaningful outcomes.

At the conclusion of the course, you will have a great talk and, more importantly, a repeatable process to achieve greater results from every communication opportunity.

Let’s get to work.

Communication Success doesn’t just happen. You have to work at it. Improve your and your team’s performance with every speech, presentation, and conversation. Start your Communication Success: Beginnings journey today.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw


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2. Create Your Talk

Watch the videos and complete the 12 lessons in the Toolkit. Progress at your own pace. Review the FAQs

3. Improve Your Results

Every talk you give is an opportunity to perform better than before. To improve, to have a bigger impact on your audience, and to feel more confident in your abilities.

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