Sharing your ideas in a presentation, during a meeting, or from a stage can feel like a balancing act that no one prepared you for. For some it comes naturally, but for the rest of us, it requires the right mindset, a dependable process, and consistent practice to present yourself authentically and confidently.

Whether you are an aspiring, first-time, or experienced public speaker, practice makes perfect and the right coach can transform you from good to great, boring to memorable, and ineffective to impactful.

With BetterSpeakers Coaching, we work with clients like you who:

Don’t know where or how to start their presentation, speech, or pitch.

Feel anxious, overwhelmed, and afraid to fail on the big day.

Stumble over their words, speak too fast, or use too many filler words.

Crave the objective feedback they need to polish their delivery.

Want to refine their communication skills and make a bigger impact.

Present your best self with the right program

Curated one-to-one coaching programs built to help you succeed in every communication opportunity.

The Communication Success Framework develops skills you’ll use for a lifetime

Repeatable process for repeatable results

Developed from years of producing events and coaching experts, the 5-step Communication Success Framework that communicators of all levels can use:

Purpose: Start with the why to develop the what.

Strategy: Create a plan to Engage, Empower, and Energize your audience.

Preparation: Develop your content, commit to rehearsal, and set yourself up for success.

Execution: Be fully present and deliver with confidence and style.

Advancement: Advance your performance with a process for continuous improvement.

The five steps of improved performance are Purpose, Strategy, Preparation, Execution, Advancement

How better communication delivers better results

Control becomes confidence

Control becomes confidence for Susie’s first speaking gig

Several years ago, I was working with Susie, the brand manager at a luxury automotive manufacturer. She was preparing for her speaking opportunity at an international dealer meeting. It was going to be her first high-stakes speech in the spotlight, with very big implications for the company, her team and her career.

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What becomes why

What becomes why for Marc and his communication style

Marc presented like a typical manager at his global software company. As the knowing expert, he gave detailed “what” answers while audiences wondered about the “why.” Among friends, he was an entertainer who told great stories, but when he tried to integrate some humor into his presentations, his punchlines drew only blanks.

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Transactions become transformations

Transactions become transformations for Tedx Speaker Ankur

If you look closely, all and any of our stories weave together. For Ankur, a TEDxPaloAlto speaker I coached, three childhood models led to a profound impact on the lives of 38 people he would meet 20 years later.

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