Successful events have successful speakers. Nothing is more painful than watching the days and hours of planning and coordination fall apart the moment your well-intentioned presenters stumble or drone on to a bored audience. You may be an expert meeting and event planner, but preparing the experts requires expertise, patience, resources, and time that you don’t have.

With BetterEvents Coaching, I work with event planners, production teams, and conference organizers who:

Lack the time or knowledge to prepare experts to better connect with your audience

Provide VIP experiences for their speakers and sponsors while ensuring deadlines are met

Can’t afford for their keynotes, panels, or individual sessions to fall flat for the audience

Want to make their meeting, event, or conference as impactful and memorable as possible

Feel confident in your content with the events expert and coach

Kennedy Speech Communications offers a speaker preparation and coaching service for events that takes presenters, customers, and technical experts through a proven 5-step process to successfully craft and deliver their speeches, presentations, and panel discussions on your timeline and budget. Each program is customized to your event and speakers’ needs, audience, and timelines.

The five steps of improved performance are Purpose, Strategy, Preparation, Execution, Advancement

How better communication delivers better results

Control becomes confidence

Control becomes confidence for Susie’s first speaking gig

Several years ago, I was working with Susie, the brand manager at a luxury automotive manufacturer. She was preparing for her speaking opportunity at an international dealer meeting. It was going to be her first high-stakes speech in the spotlight, with very big implications for the company, her team and her career.

What becomes why

What becomes why for Marc and his communication style

Marc presented like a typical manager at his global software company. As the knowing expert, he gave detailed “what” answers while audiences wondered about the “why.” Among friends, he was an entertainer who told great stories, but when he tried to integrate some humor into his presentations, his punchlines drew only blanks.

Transactions become transformations

Transactions become transformations for Tedx Speaker Ankur

If you look closely, all and any of our stories weave together. For Ankur, a TEDxPaloAlto speaker I coached, three childhood models led to a profound impact on the lives of 38 people he would meet 20 years later.

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