Welcome to the first step in your journey toward Communication Success. Here, we’ll help you to clarify your goals and objectives for this course. Ready? View the video to learn today’s lesson and scroll down to begin the work.

Let’s Get to Work

Access the Communication Success Toolkit or this lesson’s Tool to complete this lesson:

Within the Tool, follow the instructions tailored to walk you through the process and help you craft your Five Minute Talk. You can fill in the Tool with your ideas and save it onto your computer as you complete the exercise.

Course Library

2. Determine Your Topic

3. Define Your Purpose

4. Outline Your Strategy

5. Develop Your Messages

6. Create Your Experience Arc

7. Complete Your Script

8. Produce Your Visuals

9. Rehearse Your Talk

10. Deliver Your Talk

11. Advance Your Performance

12. Review and Wrap-Up

When You’re Done

Save your Tool onto your computer and move onto the next lesson here: