Congratulations on taking your first steps towards better public speaking and communication success. Every speech, presentation, or conversation is a new beginning, a new opportunity to engage, empower, and energize your audience and I’m excited to get to work with you to help refine your public speaking and presenting skills.

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Your Journey through Communication Success: Beginnings

Communication Success: Beginnings guides you through the process of developing and delivering a Five-Minute Talk, from determining your topic to creating a plan for ongoing performance improvement. The course is organized into four Modules, each with three Lessons and Tools to help you through the process.

Welcome! Let’s Get Started

In this four-module, 12-lesson course, you will progress step-by-step in developing and delivering a five-minute talk on a topic of your choice. First you will watch a video that explains the what, why, and how of the step. You then complete a worksheet to reflect on, ideate, and evaluate your work. You don’t move on to the next step until you are ready.

When you’ve completed the course, you will have a great talk and a repeatable process to achieve greater results from every communication opportunity.

Communication Is Everything

Communication is what defines us as humans. Often, it’s a source of great comfort, connection, and happiness. Through communication, we engage with others to share news, ideas, dreams, stories, laughter, and tears.

In business, communication is at the core of your organization’s vision, strategy, and operations. More importantly, communication is an integral part of your organization’s culture.

In many ways, your business is in the business of communication. The more successful you are at communication, the more successful your business.

Communication is everything
Why a 5-minute talk?

Why A Five-Minute Talk?

First, a five-minute talk is perfect for a self-directed course. It’s long enough so you need to use the full Communication Success process, but short enough to make the learning more efficient and direct.

Second, your five-minute talk can then become a building block for longer talks and presentations. What if you have to deliver a 20-minute talk? Think of it as three, five-minute talks plus an introduction, some transitions, and an overall conclusion. What if your talk is 30-minutes? Or 60-minutes? They’re made up of five-minute building blocks, too.

The five-minute talk is also a great way to prepare for shorter talks, like elevator pitches or dynamic conversations, by using the messages you developed for your talk.

Learning Outcomes

From the very first lesson, you will begin to look at every communication opportunity in a new way. This new perspective will lead to more audience-relevant messages, more authentic and effective delivery, and more meaningful outcomes. This course will teach you how to:

  • – Effectively and efficiently prepare for your communication opportunities.
  • – Speak with confidence and authenticity.
  • – Communicate your messages clearly and concisely.
  • – Better engage your audience.
Learning outcomes
Cliff Kennedy, Communication Success Coach

About Your Coach

Cliff Kennedy is a communication coach with over 30 years of success in creating audience-connecting experiences for many of the world’s most high-performing organizations. In this course, he shares his proven approaches to developing engaging content and speaking with authenticity, clarity, and confidence. Cliff believes that every time a speaker stands before an audience, great things are possible.

Completing the ToolKit

The Toolkit is a fillable PDF file you will use in completing Communication Success: Beginnings. You can download it below. Then make sure to save it to your hard drive or preferred cloud storage for easy access. You can work in a digital environment or print out the Toolkit and use a pencil or pen. Work in the way that’s best for you. 

Each lesson in the course contains a video with an accompanying tool for you to use as you prepare for your five-minute talk. These tools contain short exercises to help you reflect, develop, and deliver your talk.

Navigating The Course

To complete this course, you will need to work through each lesson. You can find these listed on at the top of this main course page. To start a lesson, simply select it from the list or click the button below to start.

Once you are in a lesson page, simply review the video located at the top of your screen. To progress to the next lesson, you can click the “Next Lesson” button at the bottom of the page or use the Course Library to select the lesson you want to review.