Successful events have successful speakers. Nothing is more painful than watching the days and hours of planning and coordination fall apart the moment your well-intentioned presenters start to speak to a bored audience. You may be an expert meeting and event planner, but preparing the experts requires expertise, patience, resources, and time that you don’t have.

Add a presentation coach to your team

Kennedy Speech Communications offers a preparation and coaching service for events that takes presenters, customers, and technical experts through a proven 5-step process to successfully craft and deliver their speeches, presentations, and panel discussions.


Coaching to meet your needs

Each participant receives personalized coaching through one-to-one or group sessions to sharpen their messages and deliver with authenticity and confidence. It includes: 

* Deliverables coordination to meet deadlines

*  Theme, purpose, vision, and strategy alignment

*  Content development guidance for better messaging

*  Rehearsing delivery for on or off the stage

*  A post-event assessment and improvement plan

A consistent process delivers consistent results

An inclusive service that ensures your speakers meet all deadlines. Based on a 5-step process for improving performance at your event. You get:

Content development, delivery coaching, and coordination for all presenters, panelists, and workshops

Better speakers who are more confident, memorable, and more satisfied with their performance

Better event experiences that deliver results for you, your sponsors, and your attendees

Every time a speaker stands before an audience, great things are possible.

Your event is a special time, a special moment, and a special opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. Add an expert to your team today and improve the performance of every speaker.

Your partner in success

Make sure your speakers deliver their presentation on-time by outsourcing to an expert who can handle all of the schedules, rehearsals, and questions.

Speakers prepared to succeed

Let the experts provide an effective, consistent experience for your presenters, sponsors, and customers. Give them the direction and support they need to succeed.

Real and meaningful results

Transform presenters’ ideas into actions and build a lasting impact on your audience through content development and delivery coaching. You’ll never look at a presentation the same way again!