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Strengthen Your Leadership Skills with an Executive Speech Coach

I’m sure I speak for all my fellow executive speech coaches when I say that our biggest competition isn’t from one another, but from no one at all. Today’s senior and rising executives know that the better they communicate their vision, beliefs and ideas, the more successful they will be as leaders. But why do so many of them accept...



Just Be Yourself (Only Better!)

I once had a new speech coaching client say to me: “Delivering a natural speech is one of the most unnatural things in the world!” Unfortunately, she thought that in order to appear natural in front of an audience, she had to control everything—especially how she spoke and her physical actions on stage. An entirely understandable, and common, perspective. But, also...



The First Step to Better Speeches and Presentations

Here’s a sure-fire way to develop more meaningful and effective speeches and presentations: stop creating them in PowerPoint. Now, I’m not saying to never use PowerPoint (or any other media) for visual support, but rather just don’t use the program to conceptualize and write your speech. Everyone and every presentation is unique. That means that every speaking opportunity must be approached in...