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Tips to Prepare for an Executive Committee Presentation

You are scheduled to present to your organization’s top leadership. It may be a quarterly update, a status report on an ongoing project or a response to a new development in the marketplace. But whether this is your first executive committee presentation or your hundredth, it’s an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact on both the business and your...



How to Work with a Speech Coach

Improving your performance as a speaker is about continually advancing your skills. Simply put, if you’re not getting better, you’re likely getting worse. Choosing to work with an executive speech coach is a great way to gain new insights and approaches to developing and delivering more effective speeches and presentations. Here are a few tips on how to make the...



Executive Speaking Part 2: Connecting with Your Customers

You’re about to give a sales presentation to a customer. Something you’ve done countless times. But are you truly ready? Are you ready to take full advantage of this opportunity? Are you ready to share your passion and enthusiasm to create a stronger, more meaningful connection? If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog series, How to Motivate your...



Executive Speaking Part 1: How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Want to increase sales and grow opportunities? Give a great speech to your sales team. That’s because a motivated sales team is a successful sales team. A sales team working in sync towards a unified vision delivers a tremendous impact to your bottom line and expands profit potential by growing your market. During my career as a speech coach, I’ve...



Just Be Yourself (Only Better!)

I once had a new speech coaching client say to me: “Delivering a natural speech is one of the most unnatural things in the world!” Unfortunately, she thought that in order to appear natural in front of an audience, she had to control everything—especially how she spoke and her physical actions on stage. An entirely understandable, and common, perspective. But, also...



How a Speech Coach Measures Performance

You want to be a better public speaker. Maybe it’s to help you provide clearer leadership to your team or to better engage with your customers. Or, maybe it’s to take advantage of a moment in the spotlight to advance your career. So, you’ve made the choice to improve your performance. Now what? I believe careful assessment, both self-assessment and...



The First Step to Better Speeches and Presentations

Here’s a sure-fire way to develop more meaningful and effective speeches and presentations: stop creating them in PowerPoint. Now, I’m not saying to never use PowerPoint (or any other media) for visual support, but rather just don’t use the program to conceptualize and write your speech. Everyone and every presentation is unique. That means that every speaking opportunity must be approached in...