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Executive Speaking Part 1: How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Want to increase sales and grow opportunities? Give a great speech to your sales team. That’s because a motivated sales team is a successful sales team. A sales team working in sync towards a unified vision delivers a tremendous impact to your bottom line and expands profit potential by growing your market. During my career as a speech coach, I’ve...



Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

For nearly all of us, regardless of how many times we’ve spoken in public, we still experience the same nervousness and anxiety before we address an audience. This is very common, and very normal. It’s what all speakers experience to one degree or another. But, if not addressed, this fear of public speaking will significantly impact your ability to perform...



10 Public Speaking Tips

It’s go time. You are about to begin your very important speech or presentation. This is a special moment, filled with anticipation and, maybe for you, stress and fear. But, these five seconds or so also offer you one last opportunity to prepare for a great public speaking performance. Use this time to your advantage by doing these 10 things: Remember your...