Presentation Skills Training

Kennedy Speech Communications’ speaking skills workshops give your organization a consistent approach to delivering more effective speeches and presentations. It’s designed to deliver greater returns on every speaking opportunity, every day.

All workshops are built upon the 5 Steps to Improved Performance and cover our “3-Cs”:


  • How speeches are unique
  • Understanding the rules of
    drama and rhetoric
  • Defining what makes a
    successful speech
  • How your audience
    experiences your speech


  • Clarifying purpose and objectives
  • Organizing messages and
  • Scripting and notes
  • Creating meaningful media


  • Effective preparation
    and rehearsal
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Pacing and dynamics
  • Stage presence and movement


Available for small and large groups, every workshop is customized for the needs of your participants. Workshops are available in full-day, half-day and multi-session formats and focus on providing the insight and skills that will make participants better, more effective public speakers. Instruction may cover:

  • General presentation skills
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Technical and scientific presentation skills
  • Content development approaches and training

Kennedy Speech Communications workshops may also include competitions, team-building exercises, and other engagement activities. We look forward to designing a winning program for you.

Email or call 1-800-953-1538 today to learn more about our workshops.