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Public Speaking Coach for High-Stakes Meetings

You can’t have a successful event without successful speakers. They bring your agenda to life and engage your audience on a personal level that can’t be replicated by any other meeting element.

Improving the effectiveness and impact of the speakers at an event leads to real and meaningful results: ideas and messages are communicated more clearly and effectively, the credibility of the speakers and the organization is enhanced and the audience is inspired to believe and motivated to act.

Kennedy Speech Communications has been creating audience-connecting experiences at high-stakes meetings and events for over 20 years. We have a unique process that raises the level of performance of every public speaker at every session, from the keynotes on the big stage to the breakout presentations. We also provide speech coaching to panel moderators on how to take the lead and facilitate more focused and engaging discussions.

This leads to an event with increased impact and value, as well as one that generates a much greater ROI.

Here’s what we deliver:

  • A focused, consistent process for improving all speeches, breakout presentations and panel discussions at your event
  • Content development and delivery coaching for all speakers through one-to-one sessions and workshops
  • The teaching of public speaking concepts, skills and techniques that deliver both near-term success and ongoing improvement for all speakers
  • Speakers who are more confident, better able to express their ideas and who are more satisfied with their performance
  • A more focused and efficient speech and graphics preparation process
  • Significant improvement in event KPIs, including audience survey results
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Our Event Coaching Process

Do you have more or less time? Last minute speaker additions? Speakers who don’t want coaching? Not a problem. Our process is adaptable to meet your exact needs.