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White Papers

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5 Steps to Improved Performance

When you stand in front of an audience, anything is possible. You can align beliefs, clarify direction and motivate action. You can change minds, hearts and lives. Every speaking opportunity is also an investment of your time, effort and resources....

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The Foundations of a Successful Speech

You want to be a better public speaker. Maybe it’s to help you provide clearer leadership to your team or to better engage with your customers. Or, maybe it’s to take advantage of a moment in the spotlight to advance...

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Executive Speaking Tips for All Occasions

As you advance in your career, public speaking opportunities seem to multiply. There is always a speaking engagement on the horizon, whether it’s an internal presentation to your sales force, a technical meeting with a client, or a keynote speech...

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A New Perspective on Public Speaking

To become a dynamic, effective public speaker who motivates and inspires change in your audience, you must: Change your perspective Change your expectations Change your results But how can you enact these changes? In this guide, we take you through...