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5 Steps to Improved Performance

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Our 5 Step Speech Communication Process


This isn’t a checklist for giving great speeches; there is no such thing. Instead, these 5 Steps merely describe a process all speakers, and in fact all performers, must go through to effectively set and achieve objectives. They clarify what you must do to execute at your very best.

The 5 Steps of the Speech Communication Process are:

1. Purpose—Every speech or presentation must have a purpose. What do you want from your audience? What do they want from you?
2. Strategy—Evaluate the situation and follow the rules for creating a winning plan.
3. Prepare—Develop experience-creating content and meaningful media and then build skills and confidence through effective rehearsal.
4. Execution—The moment of truth. You are ready to stand before your audience and perform at your best.
5. Advancement—Evaluate your performance and strive for continuous improvement.

This speech communication process, which applies to all public speaking situations, delivers immediate returns and leads to long-term, ongoing improvement.

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