Strengthen Your Leadership Skills with an Executive Speech Coach

Leadership and Executive Speech CoachI’m sure I speak for all my fellow executive speech coaches when I say that our biggest competition isn’t from one another, but from no one at all. Today’s senior and rising executives know that the better they communicate their vision, beliefs and ideas, the more successful they will be as leaders. But why do so many of them accept being just “good enough” when it comes to this critical aspect of their jobs?

Why a Coach?

Though online and DIY public speaking tools are becoming better and more accessible, they still don’t deliver the focused, personalized support you need to take your speaking performance to the next level. During my years as an executive speech coach, I found there is simply no substitute for working closely with an experienced trainer.

Here’s why:

You Need an Outside Perspective with an Objective Viewpoint

Every leader will tell you that honest feedback can be hard to come by. This is especially true the higher you ascend in your organization. A qualified executive speech coach will listen to your goals and honestly assess your progress. They will also correct old habits that inhibit the way you deliver your vision. Your coach’s suggestions, approaches and techniques are based on years of experience and leads to real and lasting results.

You Need Immediate Feedback

Every speech or presentation you deliver is an opportunity to share your vision and advance your objectives. Working with a coach for executive speech consulting keeps you focused and in the moment.

The right coach will:

  • Support your purpose
  • Build your confidence
  • Help you clarify your messages
  • Provide techniques to connect with your audience on an intellectual and emotional level

You Need Flexibility and Innovation

A qualified coach quickly tailors his or her services to meet your exact needs. You can draw on your coach’s expertise to innovate new ways to share your message more effectively by creating audience-connecting experiences. It’s not about selling your product or service; it’s about selling your VISION. A great executive speech coach helps you express your vision in a way that resonates with your audience. He or she will deliver useful tools and creative ideas to help you turn your vision from a series of statements into an emotionally-engaging discourse that changes minds and motivates action.

You Need to Prepare Effectively

Preparation is not just about time spent, it’s about time spent working on the right things. In addition to the basics like practicing your speech out loud and getting accustomed to the room where you will deliver your speech, a coach helps you focus on the more nuanced aspects of public speaking through:

  • Constructive brainstorming
  • Fearless editing
  • Meaningful rehearsals
  • Speaking in pictures and sounds

Using an experienced coach for executive speech consulting is an excellent way to achieve your business and personal objectives and, ultimately, advance your career. For many, it is a life-changing experience, because what you learn can’t be unlearned. Once you develop the right approach and skills, you’ll look at every speaking opportunity with greater confidence, clarity and purpose.

Get started with an executive speech coach today. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation.

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