Break through your personal barriers and take your public speaking performance to the next level. Find your purpose. Clarify your vision. Ignite your passion. Give a great speech today.






Speeches are special experiences for both you and your audience. Use your public speaking skills to build consensus and share beliefs. Make a real connection.






Take full advantage of your moment in the spotlight. Your public speaking skills will help you stand out and showcase your ideas and leadership. You can do it!


Kennedy Speech Communications helps you create the audience-centered experiences that are at the core of all great speeches and presentations. We guide you in using ideas to inspire and words to clarify and motivate. And, we provide the support you need to execute under pressure and perform at your highest level.

We provide speech coaching and presentation skills training for:

  • C-suite, senior and rising executives
  • Sales teams
  • Technical, legal and scientific speakers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Cross-cultural/ESL speakers
  • Communication professionals

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Speech Coaching: Become a more skilled, confident and effective public speaker.►

Workshops: Presentation skills development and coaching for small and large groups. ►

High-Stakes Meetings & Events: When the stakes are high and your speakers must perform at their very best. ►

Perspectives & Insights: A keynote, seminar or breakout session based on the lessons we learned creating audience-connecting experiences for the past 30 years. ►

Speech Communication Strategies: Use public speaking to build your brand and engage customers and employees. ►

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Complimentary Evaluation

Invite Kennedy Speech Communications to a local event or share a video recording of a recent speech or presentation and we'll provide feedback on what was done right and what can be done to improve performance and obtain better results.

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The Foundations of a Successful SpeechThe Foundations of a Successful Speech

You want to be a better public speaker. Maybe it’s to help you provide clearer leadership to your team or to better engage with your customers. Or, maybe it’s time to take advantage of a moment in the spotlight to advance your career. Download our latest white paper to learn the foundations of a successful speech.